Changes log for the MEI AS Pure Maths Tests

7 August 2007
Some minor updates to Geometry: Equation of a Circle and the way some suvat equations are displayed and the position of the buttons on Differential Equations: Second Order
10 April 2007
Bug fixed in Polynomials With New Roots; buttons now change to show when the mouse is over them and when clicked. This, as withthe change in button style, is so that button increase in size with the rest of the text when the font is changed in the browser ( Zoom or Text Increase/Decrease depending on your browser) as do all equations in oder to help visually impaired users.
4 April 2007
The second order differential equations test now has questions on particular solutions too. To select these explicitly, include "?qu=partic" or "?qu=gen" after the URL.
3 April 2007
Minor changes to Geometry: Equation of a Circle and Polynomial Differentiation: Gradient and Normal;
new test Complex Numbers: Multiplying and Dividing in Polar Form
15 March 2007
New Test: Modelling Population Growth solving equations involving logs and exponentials
12 December 2006
New Test: Statistics: Linear Coding
5 December 2006
Calculator now has a button to swop the values in A and B;
New test: Statistics: Mean and SD
16 November 2004
New Test: Complex Numbers:Polar Form
3 November 2006
The Mechanics: suvat Tests answers now include a pull-down box to explicityl state how many solutions there are. If there are two solutions, including negative values, both must be given.
The Choosing a suvat equation (multiple choice) Test can now have a URL parameter "fixedorder" to maintain the same order of choices in all questions as in MechSuvatEquns.html?fixedorder. Remember that to preserve this option, you must use the Browser "Reload" ("Refresh") button as New Question (and the test title) generate questions of the default type.
29 October 2006
New Test: Mechanics: Applying suvat equations which can also be parameterised as mentioned under 27 October 2006.
27 October 2006
Mechanics: suvat equations, two tests added: Choosing a suvat equation (multiple choice) and Solving suvat equations (algebraic manipulation) which can have the variable to find specified and/or the missing variable e.g.:
19-20 October 2006
Differential Equations added: First Order (separation of variables), Second Order (Auxiliary Equation, distinct real roots)
6-18 October 2006
Arithmetic Series: Terms, Geometric Series: Terms, and to display of negative fractions on all pages.
1 September 2006
All Tests involving complex numbers can now have the symbol used for the imaginary value changed to by putting "?imag=i" (change i to I, j or J too) at the end of the URL or, if there are other parameters (eg ref=12345) then put ",imag=i" at the end
The Calculator has a new look.
New test Powers and Logarithms: Modelling Population Growth,
Extensive changes to Simple Trig Values
15 August 2006
Polynomials with New Roots by default chooses a quadratic, cubic or quartic. It now has options to limit the maximum degree to only quadratic ; only quadratic or cubic.
4 November 2004
New test on Graph Transformations (translations and shears) added.
2 November 2004
New Question button romoved - click on the Title of a test now to generate a new question;
Partial fractions test added to Polynomials.
18 August 2004
minor updates to Polynomial Definite Integration; new: Algebra: Complete the Square, Polynomials: Remainder Theorem
13 August 2004
Revised tests: Arithmetic Series: Formula manipulation | Geometric Series: Formula Manipulation | Slope of a line | Coordinates and Angles | Equations from Log-x and Log-Log graphs | Differentiation: Gradient and Normal
5 August 2004
Several tests have been corrected. Tests affected have revision date 4 or 5 August 2004.
21 July 2004
20 July 2004
Some terms now have a reminder if the pointer (mouse) rests on the word without clicking e.g. Geometry: Collinear Points All the buttons have the feature too.
4 June 2004
Vector Magnitude, Operations and Angle now include 3-dimensional vectors (the lines are 2D and the plane is 3D).
2 June 2004
New: Quadratic and Line Intersection, Polynomial Division; Series AP Formula manipulation; Series GP formula manipulation;
Revised: Arithmetic Series Terms;
22 May 2004
Most tests altered; globals files and some images updated.
19 May 2004
New: Powers: Fractional and negative; Vectors: Magnitudes; Operations; Angle between two vectors; Vector Equation of a Line; Vector Line to Cartesian form, Vector Plane Equation using the Normal.
Updated GeomCircleTanNorm, GeomCircleAndLine, solution of quadratics with a constant factor.
Several tests updated, corrected and worked solution changed. The Help and New Question buttons now appear at the top of the page on either side.
Diagrams added to the Worked Solutions for Area Of A Triangle Given 3 Sides and Area Of A Triangle Given 2 Sides and An Angle.
New: Geometry: Circle and Line Intersection.
New: Algebra: Simplifying Surds.
New: Logarithms: Equations from Log-Log and Log-x graphs.
The generator of numbers for new Tests has been improved. The examples above and any Test's URL containing a reference number will now have a NEW reference number.
New tests are Geometry: Equation of a Circle, Geometry: Tangent and Normal to a Circle,
Polynomial Curve Sketching:Shape added.
Links can now be added at the end of any Test by putting them in the file "links.js" which contains instructions and an example.
The calculator now has trig and inverse trig functions, in degrees or radians, and computes logs to any positive base.
The Calculator is now more compact and has a new icon. Several more Tests now contain the Calculator icon.
Point names on triangles etc are now consistently boldened.
Algebra: Form and Solve Quadratic Equations now detects if the Formula is needed or if the quadratic can be factored and gives the appropriate method in the Worked Solution.
New Test: Polynomials with New Roots - the most complicated test in this suite.
New Tests: Sum and Product of Roots of a Polynomial, Polynomial from Roots
New Tests: Polynomial Definite Integration and Indefinite Integration.
The Calculator is now a separate window and is therefore available for all the tests although only certain ones will give an explicit link to it, as indicated above.
Author : Ron Knott : all enquiries to mei at ronknott dot com