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Fibonacci and Lucas Number Calculator 1.1     For help, see lower down.
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How to use this calculator

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  1. Select a series Fibonacci(i) or Lucas(i) or Rabbit(i).
  2. Type in a whole number value for i (which can be negative for Fibonacci or Lucas) in the From i= box.
  3. If you want to find all the values in a certain range, type a value in the To i= box also. Leave this blank if you just want a single value of a series.
  4. Select the precision of the computation: Exact or Approximate. (Ignored for Rabbit(i) and Initial digits.)
    the calculator will find Fibonacci(i), Lucas(i) for i into the thousands. This may take up to a minute or more depending on your computer. Also, if i is too large, the browser may quit unexpectedly! Sorry - I cannot predict or prevent this! 'i' values up to i=2000 should be OK and Fib(2000) has more than 400 digits.
    Immediate result. The length of the answer decreases as i gets larger, but the index i itself may have up to digits!
  5. Select an action:
    Show series
    outputs the Fib or Lucas series for i in the range.
    Initial digits
    Benford's Law relates to the distribution of the initial digits of Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. (The precision buttons are irrelevant.)
    Amaze me!
    Generates a correct, random expression involving two nth-roots whose sum is 1, as mentioned on The Lucas numbers page.
    Clear all
    clears all values and the output area.


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