This image uses shapes derived from the Fibonacci series. The grey shiny base shows the individual quarter-circles which make up the Fibonacci spiral, and increases the height of each quarter-circle as they get smaller in radius. The purple object on the left of the image is a Fibonacci spiral rotated through 90 degrees about a point on the edge common to the square of size 3 and the square of size 13, furthest away from the square of size 2. The axis of rotation is the longest edge of the rectangle made from the squares which make up the spiral. The light blue object to the right is similar to the purple one, but rotated through 239 degrees. The object at the front of the purple one is the Fibonacci spiral plus the squares used in its construction, given a thickness to make them appear to be made from brass strips. The three objects in front of the base are the spiral as it would appear when made from chromed rod.

This ray-tracing was done on a 486 DX66 PC, using Imagine 3.0.

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