Mathematics Attainment Test

This is the Test-Generator Page

This page generates a test with 51 random questions in mathematics at about UK GCSE level to test your knowledge on all parts of the mathematics syllabus.
Each test varies the question details and you can take it as Revision practice or in timed Exam mode.

How it works...

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  1. First choose a test.
  2. Click the Generate the Test button. The chosen test will appear on this page.
  3. On the Test's page, choose one of two methods for the questions:
  4. When you have finished, your answers are marked automatically and immediately. Your Results are shown together with a graph like the example here on the right, grading your results in several mathematical categories so you can identify topics for practice, .
  5. You can then click on Another Test to return to this page and try again as often as you like.

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Version History

Version 4.0 (8 November 2016)
Internal improvements; layout changes to make the display better on a handheld, mobile or tablet device.
Questions can now be selected by category and generating a new test preserves those categories
Version 3.3 (16 October 2015)
Version 3.2 (23 January 2014)
Question 28 now allows for numbers less than one in the denominator; rewording of alternatives for Question 1, worked solution to 50(c); question 8 now allows x terms as well as powers 2 and 3.
Version 3.1 (21 December 2013)
Internal updates ; The Test nb can now be left blank to generate a random test; improvement to appearance of the letters in Question 34.
Version 3.0 (13 December 2013)
was rewritten for modern browsers with standard JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It does not yet include the Topic choice options of the original 2000 version, but a future version (hopefully soon!) will restore this and let you choose which topics to answer questions on.
The original version of 1999
was made by Dr Ron Knott for the University of Exeter, Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching to aid students training to be Mathematics teachers in assessing their own mathematics ability.
Please do EMAIL Dr Knott with your comments and suggestions for features you think should be included.
If you email about a problem, please include the TEST NUMBER in your email. Thank you!
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