Random Dice

Up to 7 dice can be thrown at once. Each dice has from 1 to 6 dots on each face.
<-- Choose which dice to throw
The total is

Flipping Coins

Up to 10 coins are tossed at once, landing Heads or Tails

<--Choose which coins to throw

Random Integers

A number in the range below is picked at random:
Minimum choice: Maximum choice:

Random Cards

A pack of 52 cards is shuffled. There are 4 suits: Clubs Hearts Diamonds and Spades.
Each suit has 13 cards with pip values Ace, 2 up to 10, Jack, Queen and King.

Random Items

In the box below, type a list of objects, separating them with a comma (,).
They can be the names of your friends, the letters of a word, numbers, colours - anything you like!
You can also have repetitions in your list: if you type in t,r,e,e, I will choose e twice as often as t or r.


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